Aviation Author


Captain (ret) Gordon A.A. Wilson

I immigrated to Canada in 1965 after completing high school in Ireland.

My hobby as a youth was visiting airports and recording the registration of the aircraft. I enrolled in the Aeronautical Engineering program at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in Calgary, Alberta but found that I would rather “fly ‘em rather than build ‘em” and applied for aircrew in the Canadian Armed Forces.

I was accepted as a pilot in 1968 and flew for 6 years with 414 (Electronic Warfare) Squadron. The Fighter Squadron was tasked with providing electronic warfare targets for the North American Air Defence (NORAD) system. I also worked in the Flight Safety department whose aim was to prevent accidents through education and training and was responsible for investigating squadron incidents and accidents. An interesting aspect of the Flight Safety Officer’s job was as a squadron maintenance test pilot. All aircraft were flight tested after major maintenance overhaul prior to re-entering squadron service.

In 1974, I joined Pacific Western Airlines in Edmonton, Alberta. I enjoyed 14 years flying domestically, the Arctic and Overseas Cargo before having the opportunity to move to British Columbia in 1988.

The airline was now called Canadian Airlines and I flew overseas to Europe, Asia and South America. Unfortunately, a medical problem cut short my flying career in 2000.

I subsequently started Safeflight Consulting Ltd. an aviation consulting company specializing in writing Standard Operating Procedures. The company had a contract with Air Canada to provide ground school training on the Boeing 737 and Boeing 767.

In 2007, I retired from aviation and embarked on a writing career. The following are my published works:

  • Article in the Feb/Mar 2009 issue of The Beaver magazine (now called Canada’s History) to celebrate the 100th anniversary of flight in Canada,

  • NORAD and the Soviet Nuclear Threat published by Amberley Books, England in 2011 and Dundurn Press, Toronto in 2012.

  • Lancaster Manual 1943 published by Amberley Books, England in 2013

  • The Lancaster published by Amberley Books in 2015

Current Projects:

  • The Merlin to be published by Amberley Books in 2018