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Future Projects


The project is to write two children’s books for my grandsons. They will be a Grade 3 reading level with relevant colour illustrations. The stories will have input from my grandsons both in the storyline and the characters portrayed. The two books are:

Eddie the Eagle & Friends is the story of an eagle who lives and plays at an airport.

Karl the Kart Racer & Friends is the story of a kart who lives and plays at a racetrack

The Mosquito

The de Havilland Mosquito was a fighter-bomber, pathfinder, intruder, photo-reconnaissance, night fighter (interceptor) aircraft during WWII that served with the Allied Air Forces. The Mosquito was unique in many ways; it was built of wood and because of its light weight and two Merlin engines it was extremely fast. Over eleven hundred Mosquitos were built in Canada in addition to the British versions. In discussion with Amberley Books to publish in 2020.