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The Engines of Bomber Command


The Bristol Hercules, Rolls-Royce Merlin & others

The twenty-one inter-war years saw the development of bomber aircraft and their engines. They ranged from the single-engine biplane, Hawker Hind, to the single-engine monoplane, Fairey Battle, and to the twin-engine monoplane, Vickers Wellington. These aircraft were followed by the wartime four-engine heavy bomber, the Bristol Hercules engine Handley Page Halifax, and the Rolls-Royce Merlin engine Avro Lancaster. The various engines of Bomber Command aircraft were responsible for the successful missions of taking the numerous types of Bomber Command aircraft to their target and back to home base.

This book will be published by the Bomber Command Museum of Canada, Nanton, Alberta, Canada as part of the advertising and fundraising campaign for the volunteer museum. The museum presently has a ground running Merlin four-engine Avro Lancaster, and a stand running Bristol Hercules engine with a project to rebuild Bristol Hercules engines for a Handley Page Halifax restoration project. (


Chapter 1 The Royal Air Force Bomber Command

Chapter 2 The Engines of Bomber Command

Chapter 3 The Rolls-Royce Company

Chapter 4 The Rolls-Royce Merlin Engine

Chapter 5 The Bristol Aeroplane Company

Chapter 6 The Bristol Hercules Engine

Chapter 7 The Bomber Command Aircraft

Chapter 8 The Restored, Running and Preserved Engines

"Canadian Arctic Flying Adventure" Fiction


This is a fictional aviation story partly based on my own flying experience in the High Canadian Arctic. The cold, the weather, the raw beauty, the struggle to stay alive, the Inuit (the people who inhabit this vast land), the airports, the black flies, the landing strips, the mountains, the inlets, the islands and the frozen sea ice all feature in this attempt at a novel.  It will be a combined author project with my son, an airline pilot, who has previous experience flying in remote areas.

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