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This is a fictional aviation story partly based on my own flying experience in the High Canadian Arctic. The cold, the weather, the raw beauty, the struggle to stay alive, the Inuit (the people who inhabit this vast land), the airports, the black flies, the landing strips, the mountains, the inlets, the islands and the frozen sea ice all feature in this attempt at a novel.  It will be a combined author project with my son, an airline pilot, who has previous experience flying in remote areas.

"Canadian Arctic Flying Adventure" Fiction



This book will cover the history of Bomber Command and emphasise its importance after the 1940 Battle of Britain when the tide of war changed, and assets became available to enable bombing of the enemy’s resources. The controversial military and political decisions that were made, for and against, area and strategic bombing will be addressed.


The entire organisation, Groups, Squadrons, Stations and the aircraft of Bomber Command, depended on the brave men and women that supported the Command’s ability to bring the bombing campaign to the enemy, night after night, despite appalling losses. Perhaps the most well known story to the general public is Wing Commander Guy Gibson and the ‘Dam Buster’ 617 RAF Squadron and its Avro Lancaster aircraft on the mission to destroy dams in the industrial Ruhr Valley in Germany.


This is their wartime story, spectacular successes and failures, that continued in peacetime as a strategic nuclear strike force into the early 1960s.

Bomber Command: The Men, Machines and Missions: 1936-1968