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Current Works


"Canadian Arctic Flying Adventure" Fiction

Arctic Adventure.jpg

This is a fictional aviation story partly based on my own flying experience in the High Canadian Arctic. The cold, the weather, the raw beauty, the struggle to stay alive, the Inuit (the people who inhabit this vast land), the airports, the black flies, the landing strips, the mountains, the inlets, the islands and the frozen sea ice all feature in this attempt at a novel.  It will be a combined author project with my son, an airline pilot, who has previous experience flying in remote areas.


The Hercules

"The Engine That Helped Win The War"


This is the story of the “other” engine that helped win the Second World War and continued civilian life as a successful engine that powered transport aeroplanes. The Hercules engine was derived from the totally different concept of a rotating single sleeve valve replacing the traditional camshaft and valves of the internal combustion engine. This book is being written as a “companion book” to “The Merlin: The Engine that Won the Second World War”


Chapter 1: The Bristol Aeroplane Company

Chapter 2: Sir Roy Fedden

Chapter 3: The Hercules pedigree

Chapter 4: The Hercules

Chapter 5: The Hercules powered aeroplanes

Chapter 6: The Hercules on display

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