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Dudley and the Forest Monster

Dudley was written for, and with, my grandsons and published as a gift in their names.

When Dudley sees a strange creature in the forest behind his house one night, he decides to set out with his friends, Dudley's Adventure Club, to capture the monster and save the town. Treehouses, forest trails, traps, and streams all feature in their adventure as they go into the deep dark forest. Will they capture the monster? If they do what will they do with it? Is there only one? Dudley is determined to solve the secret of the Forest Monster and he needs the help of his friends to do it.



1. The Forest Monster

Dudley is convinced that he saw a monster in the forest behind his house.

2. Dudley’s Adventure Club

Dudley gets his friends together to form the Dudley Adventure Club (DAC). Their first adventure is to capture the forest monster.

3. The DAC’s Treehouse

The DACs decide to build a treehouse on the edge of the forest so that they can have secret meetings.

4. The Map

The DACs make a map of the forest tracks so that they know where they are going to put their monster trap.

5. The Trap

The DACs build a trap to capture the monster alive.

6. The TFM?

They capture a TFM, what is it?

7. The Greater Glider

Things get complicated with another TFM, now what are the DACs going to do?

8. Together

All is well, or is it really, Dudley wonders if this is the start of another adventure?

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