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Lancaster Manual 1943

The Manual book was requested by Amberley Publishing as a companion to their very successful Spitfire Manual 1940. The book gives a brief history of the Avro Lancaster’s development and its World War Two contribution in the success of the bombing campaign. Excerpts from a wartime Maintenance and Descriptive manual, Air Ministry publications on technical subjects, and wartime instructional navigation notes complement personal accounts by crew members. A speech given by one of the pilots on the famous Dam Raids concludes the manuscript.

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Chapter 1 Introduction:

The introduction contains a narrative on the history and development of the Avro Lancaster from its beginning until its height of effectiveness as one of the most respected Royal Air Force (RAF) heavy bombers.


Chapter 2 The Lancaster:

Contains selected excerpts from the Air Ministry A.P. 2062 F Maintenance and Descriptive Handbook. It explains the physical construction of the airframe and illustrates and explains the various components of the aircraft systems.


Chapter 3 Aircrew Notes:

Contains information on Air Ministry A.P. 2062 Pilot’s and Flight Engineer’s Notes. Also includes information on the ground and flying operation of the aircraft.


Chapter 4 The Crew:

Features explanations of the navigator, bomb aimer and gunner crew positions. Documentation on two navigators, log books and wartime navigation notes, examine the role of the navigator in the crew. A personal bomb aimer story adds to the Air Ministry A.F.P. 32 Flying for Bombing documentation. An Air Gunner’s section is included on aircraft recognition.


Chapter 5 Flying the Lancaster:

This chapter recounts the procedures to fly the aircraft. Wartime publications on Hints on Night Vision and Pilot Training for Bomber Crew are included.


Chapter 6 The Dams Raid:

A brief account of the raids followed by a speech given by Flt Sgt Ken Brown, one of the pilots on the third wave of bombers, regarding his experience that night.

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