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The Merlin

The Rolls-Royce Merlin engine was the power behind the Royal Air Force in fighters, bombers and fighter-bombers. Developed from a long line of engines, including the famous ‘R’ engine of the Schneider Trophy, it was formed in the mind of one man, Henry Royce, and developed by many men to not only defend Britain in WWII but also to take the fight to the enemy and ultimate victory. A remarkable story of a piston engine called after a bird of prey, the Merlin.

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PART 1                     MERLIN: THE BIRTH OF A LEGEND 1904-34


1. The Rolls-Royce Company 1904

    2. The Merlin Pedigree 1904-33

      3. The Merlin 1933-34

        PART 2                    THE MERLIN’S FINEST HOUR 1935-1940

        The Fighter Defence of Britain

        4. The Hawker Hurricane & Supermarine Spitfire 1935-39

          5. The Battle of France & the Battle of Britain 1939-40

            PART 3                    THE MERLIN TAKES THE WAR TO THE ENEMY 1940-45

            The Bomber Offensive from Britain

            6. Fighter-Bomber: De Havilland Mosquito 1940

              7. Bombers: Avro Lancaster & others 1941

                8. Fighter Escort: North American Mustang 1942

                  PART 4                    THE MERLIN DEVELOPS 1933-45

                  The Fame Grows

                  9. Variants, Shadow Factories, Packard

                    PART 5                    THE MERLIN LIVES ON 2018

                    Eighty-Five Years Young

                    10. Preserved and Restored

                    The Merlin: About
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